Sunday, Apr 20, 2014
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Board of Directors

The Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors, listed below, oversees activities of the Association. It consists of five officers and nine directors. The board has several standing committees which oversee reunion, alumni awards, board nominations, bylaws, budget and finances, preservation of Davidge Hall and the Bowers Collection of Medical Artifacts, and production of the Bulletin magazine. Many proposals and policies are studied on the committee level before presentation to the full board and general membership. The Board meets four times each year in addition to the annual business meeting during Reunion. Dues paying members are invited to attend meetings and are encouraged to notify board members or the alumni office of their interest in becoming actively involved. For more information please contact Larry Pitrof, executive director, at 410-706-7454.

Medical Alumni Association
2013-2014 Board of Directors
Protagoras N. Cutchis, ‘83
President-Elect Vice-President
George M. Boyer, ‘83 Alan R. Malouf, ’85
Secretary Treasurer
Donna S. Hanes, ’92 Elizabeth L. Tso, ’79
Neda Frayha, ’06

Camille Hammond, ’01

Jeffrey Todd Hobelmann, ’03

Brett Levinson, ‘02

Zaineb Makhzoumi, ’08

Stanford Malinow, ‘68

Janet M. O’Mahoney, ’91

Robert M. Phillips, ’82

Luette S. Semmes, ’84

Kristin Stueber, ’69


Sona Chaudhry, ’14

Tamara L. Burgunder, ’00


Nelson H. Goldberg, ‘73

Dr. E. Albert Reece

Executive Director
Larry Pitrof


Medical Alumni Association of the University of Maryland, Inc.
522 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201-1636
410-706-7454 • 410-706-3658 (fax)