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Class Notes

1926: Max Trubek of Litchfield, Conn., joined friends, family and former patients for a celebration of his 102nd birthday on November 25, 2000.

1932: Arthur J. Statman of Lakewood, N.J., says he is truly blessed. He is past president of the N.J. Gastroenterological Society, was chief of G.I. at Newark City and Newark Beth Israel hospitals, and now at age 92 is a flutist and piccoloist in a symphonette orchestra.

1940: Benjamin H. Inloes of Williamsburg, Va., reports that to be alive at 85 is news!

1941: Raymond N. Malouf of Logan, Utah reports that what one retires TO is just as important as what one retires FROM. He remains extremely busy in retirement. Joshua M. Perman of New York City continues to work part-time.

1943M: Ralph K. Brooks
of Annapolis, Md., enjoys sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Ramon Almodovar of San Juan, P.R., has been retired for two years and at present is doing some farming.

1943D: J. Roy Guyther
of Mechanicsville, Md., received the Humanitarian Award from St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation for 42 years of service to the citizens of southern Maryland. The author of four history books focusing on the northern part of St. Mary’s County, Dr. Guyther’s most recent work is entitled Memoirs of a Country Doctor.

1944: Charles D. Chaput
of Kinston, N.H., reports that he is enjoying retirement at age 81 with his photography and making prints on the computer. Robert W. Farkas and wife Patricia of Church Creek, Md., are enjoying all the visits from classmates. Sarah Taylor Morrow works full time as medical director of Electronics Data Systems which processes Medicaid claims for the state of North Carolina. She lives in Raleigh.

1945: Robert F. Byrne
of Wichita, Kan., recently returned from a trip to Maui, Hawaii, where he enjoyed sight seeing and scuba diving. Leonard T. Kurland of Rochester, Minn., participated in the presentation of a Mayo Clinic Heritage Days Celebration on the evolution of the Mayo’s medical records system. Dr. Kurland served as chairman of Mayo’s department of medical statistics, epidemiology and population genetics in 1964. Stanley Steinbach of Baltimore retired in January 2000.

Class of 1946 Reunion in Hilton Head, S.C.1946:
From October 22–26, 2000, the Class of 1946 held a 54th Reunion at Hilton Head, S.C., hosted by residents Jeanne and Rob Audet. Thirteen classmates and ten family members attended. John C. Rawlins of Seaford, Del., reports that granddaughter Angela is a resident in forensic pathology at the University of Louisville.

1947: E. Anne D. Mattern
of Rockville, Md., visited daughter Carola J. Nesbitt, ’86, her husband and two children in Grayslake, Ill., over Thanksgiving. Dr. Mattern continues to play bridge and recently bought a new boat for water skiing. Joel C. Fink of Phoenix, Ariz., retired from full-time practice after 52 years. He continues to work one day per week at the VA Hospital and attends conferences. Robert Waltz and his late wife Frances of Lyndhurst, Ohio have donated more than 300 pieces of artwork to Euclid Hospital, where Dr. Waltz is a former chief of surgery. Their mutual interest in health care and art merged into the belief that art and beauty could have a positive effect on illness. The collection is entitled “Double Vision.”

1948: John R. Shell
of Gulf Shores, Ala., announced that he moved to the golf course.

1950: Miriam S. Daly of Albion, Mich., coordinates nine local American Red Cross blood drives and sits on the boards of the Albion Community Foundation, United Way, American Association of University Women and her church. She has ten grandchildren. Frederic R. Simmons recently moved to a retirement community in Sun City Center, Fla., about 25 miles south of Tampa and near his two sons.

1951: M. Garcia-Palmieri of San Juan, P.R., is distinguished professor of medicine at the University of Puerto Rico and an honorary member of the Cuban Society of Cardiology. The Mario R. Garcia-Palmieri Chair was created in his honor at the University.

1952: Benton B. Perry
of Miami is retired and attends the University of Miami Institute for Retired Professionals. Norton Spritz of New York City utilizes his law degree to teach courses in law and medicine at NYU Medical School and at Fordham University School of Law. He is retired from his position as chief of medicine at the New York VAMC. John L. Watters of Raleigh, N.C., announces the birth of his great grandson, John Piper Bissonnette, born August 18, 2000.

1953: John W. Metcalf Jr
., of Steubenville, Ohio was re-elected as Jefferson County coroner, his third four-year term.

1954: Arthur Baitch
of Baltimore is no longer operating but continues his orthopaedic practice. He is a member of the board of trustees of Life Bridge Health Systems which includes Sinai Hospital and Northwest Hospital Center where he also served as president of the board. Theodore E. Evans of Baltimore reports that wife Rosemary passed away on January 8. Together they had five sons. Jean B. Smith and husband Barry of New York City retired in December 2000. They look forward to their next phase of life which they hope will include more time for friends. Robert E. Yim of Timonium, Md., retired on January 1 after 42 years of practicing pediatrics.

1955: Donald H. Dembo
of Baltimore is medical director of Johns Hopkins Cardiology at Timonium.

1956: Mathew Lee
of Holliswood, N.Y., received the 2000 Spirit of Hope award from the World Rehabilitation Fund. Lee is professor of clinical rehabilitation medicine and medical director of the Rusk Institute at New York University Medical Center. Charles Sanislow of Midland, Mich., retired from active surgery in September 1998. He finds the State Board of Medical Functions very stimulating and enlightening, and says it’s time to pursue useful volunteer work and outdoor activities including those with grandchildren. James J. Stovin of New York City continues to practice radiology, doing locum tenens in Oklahoma, New Jersey and New York. His oldest daughter received a medical degree from Oklahoma State University and is specializing in radiology. His oldest son lives in New Jersey and works in the entertainment industry. His younger daughter lives in New York City and his younger son lives in Seattle; all are married. He regrets that he will miss the 45th reunion due to a scheduling conflict. Albert L. Trucker of Santa Rosa, Calif., retired December 31, 2000 after 40 years of practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery.

1958: Richardson Erickson
of Knoxville, Tenn., retired on July 1, 2000.

1959: Charles Fletcher
of Ventura, Calif., retired and enjoys traveling and bicycling. He has two children who are physicians and 11 grandchildren. August D. King Jr., of Baltimore retired from general surgery in July 1999 and enjoys time with wife Netta, five children and seven grandchildren. Nicholas A. Pace of Bronxville, N.Y., has two grandchildren: Nicholas, age four; and Stefanie, age one.

1960: Aristides Alevizatos of Sparks, Md., is completely retired from his internal medicine practice. He and wife Dee enjoy traveling and spending time with their grandchildren. They also raise horses on their farm in the Western Run Valley.

1961: Oscar H. L. Bing
continues his research at the VA in Boston. Son Ben is a graduate of Connecticut College, and son Bill is a graduate of Dartmouth College. Jay Goodman of Towson, Md., is retiring as chairman of the department of medicine at Mercy Medical Center on July 1 after 27 years.

1962: Robert A. McCormick
of Santa Fe, N.M., reports that he continues to struggle with managed care. Wife Marsha is a talented water color painter, and son Jonathan is a lawyer in Albuquerque.

1963: Russell C. Bufalino
of Clearwater, Fla., retired in August 1999 and plays golf every day.

1964: Eric D. Schmitter
of Santa Monica, Calif., reports that two of his three sons are now married; so he finally has two daughters (in-law). His orthopaedic professional life continues as an UCLA assistant professor. He is beginning to consider retirement under the pressure of HMO and Big Brother.

1965: Brian Baldwin
of Dallas is chief of the department of cardiology and has recently completed a term as chief of staff at St. Paul University Hospital-UTSW School of Medicine. T. M. Himelfarb of Baltimore reports that son Lawrence received his MBA from Loyala College and daughter Jennifer received her MBA from MIT. William E. Legat of Bethesda, Md., is president of the Suburban Maryland Psychiatric Society. He is a member of the Council of Washington Psychiatric Society and received its Psychiatrist of the Year award at the annual meeting in November 2000.

1966: William O. Harrison
of Las Vegas, Nev., reports that he recently spent four months behind rebel lines in Southern Sudan working in a small hospital. It was the most primitive, underdeveloped area he has ever seen—an infectious disease paradise. Thomas M. Hill of West Hartford, Conn., says his oldest son Michael has passed his general surgery boards and will finish a thoracic surgery fellowship at Albany Medical Center in June.

1967: Elizabeth A. Abel
of Los Altos, Calif., plans to be in Baltimore for son Barton’s graduation from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in May. He is applying for a radiology residency, following in the footsteps of his father. Elisabeth E. Kandel of Lafayette, Colo., enjoys her family practice which includes obstetrics. She was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1996. Her oldest daughter is studying English at Oxford. She ran in the 2000 Chicago Marathon, finishing 40th in her age group with a time of 4 hours, 39 minutes. James Konrad of St. Helena, Calif., was recognized for outstanding service, dedication and leadership as director of continuing medical education at Adventist Health Redbud Community Hospital. Michael Sussman of Portland Oreg., received the Arthur H. Muene Award from the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, awarded for a lifetime contribution to pediatric orthopaedics. He is president of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine. Donald B. Vogel of Bethesda, Md., reports that daughter Miriam is clerking for a federal judge in Denver after graduating from Georgetown University Law School.

1968: Sidney R. Gehlert
retired and moved to Warren, Vt. Son Rick, ’92 is an orthopaedist at the University of New Mexico and father Sidney Sr., ’37 is retired in Florida. William N. Goldstein of Potomac, Md., announces his latest book: A Primer for Beginning Psychotherapy: Revised Edition (2000). Stephen L. Hooper retired from medicine in July 2000 and has moved to the big island of Hawaii where he is building a home and has joined Clark Realty Co. W. Bryan Staufer of Kalamazoo, Mich., is working full time as a staff physician in the Health Center of Western Michigan University after 20 years in general pediatrics. He and wife Kathy have a small Christmas tree farm.

1970: Jerome Aronowitz of Boca Raton, Fla., reports that daughter Jessica is graduating from Wellesley College and plans to take a year off before applying to medical school. Stephen B. Greenberg of Bellaire, Tex., is associate dean for graduate medical education and associate chair for education in the department of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. Jerome Koeppel of Lutherville, Md., retired from the practice of medicine in September 2000 but remains as assistant professor emeritus at the Johns Hopkins Medical School and on the Sinai Hospital medical staff. Thomas P. Miles of Windsor, Calif., completed a one-year fellowship in lower extremity total joint reconstruction at the University of Pittsburgh. In September he returned to practice in Healdsburg.

1971: Tommi Cochran
of Pacific Palisades, Calif., is professor of radiological sciences at UCLA Medical School where she specializes in genito-urinary radiology. She is a fellow of the American College of Radiology and chairs the quality assurance committee. Robert Greenspan of Alexandria, Va., recently opened a new website related to the history of medicine: T. N. Jarrell III of Dover, Del., is a fellow in the American College of Physicians and received the Laurette Award for the Delaware chapter of ACP. He practices with Brian Benson, ’71. Elliot S. Krames of San Francisco served as chairman of the Combined Worldwide Pain Conference of the International and American Neuromodulation Societies, the World Institute of Pain and the World Society of Pain Clinicians in July 2000. He is the editor-in-chief of Neuromodulation, the journal of the international society. He is a board certified anesthesiologist who has been practicing pain medicine solely for the past 20 years.

1972: Bill Merritt
of Phoenix, Md., attended lectures on perioperative issues in liver transplantation at National University Hospital in Singapore, the St. John’s University Hospital in Bangalore, India, the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center in Cochin, India, and the Menoufiya National Liver Institute in Shebin El-Kom, Egypt. He represented the departments of anesthesiology and surgery at Johns Hopkins and is president of the International Liver Transplantation Society. Dr. Merritt looks forward to seeing classmates next spring at Reunion. H. Hershey Sollod and wife Holly recently moved with daughter Michelle to Denver. Daughter Brie is enrolled in the PhD program, human genetics, at the University of Connecticut. Daughter Kara is spending her junior year at the University of Seville (Spain). Dr. Sollod continues to enjoy his psychiatric practice while Holly specializes in securities litigation.

1973: Charles B.Watson
of Easton, Conn., is a candidate for the board of regents of the American College of Critical Care Medicine after serving as chair of the credentials committee of that body for 2000. He reports that his son is a National Public Radio correspondent to West Africa after finishing a stint as a CNN producer in Moscow.

1974: William L. Gonzalez
of Annapolis, Md., apologizes for missing the 25th reunion in 1999 due to a prior commitment. Wife Karen continues to enjoy dentistry and is known around the house as the “Root Canal Queen.” Daughter Kristin is a senior at Duke; Mark is a second-year medical student at Maryland; and Billy is a MBA-JD graduate of Harvard and Yale. Joel Miller of Akron, Ohio, reports that oldest daughter Laurie is a CPA who practices in Rockville, Md. Twin daughters Alison and Stacey are seniors respectively at Ohio State University and Indiana University. Alison is majoring in speech and hearing, while Stacey’s major is special education.

1975: Edward L. Morris
of Baltimore is chair of the Maryland State Council on Arthritis and Musculo-skeletal Diseases. Bill Schnaper of Wilmrite, Ill., reports that daughter Adrienne graduated from Boston College; son Michael is a junior at Depauw University (Indiana); and son Owen is a senior in high school.

1978: Pamela G. Krahl
of Pleasenton, Calif., is enjoying retirement. She remains busy with her two horses and the household.

1979: Jeffrey Gaber
of Baltimore is active at Mercy Medical Center, has a private practice of internal medicine, geriatrics, and industrial medicine, and is assistant professor, department of medicine, at the University of Maryland.

1980: James P. Richardson of Ellicott City, Md., enjoyed seeing classmates at the 20th reunion last spring. He and wife Melissa recently celebrated a 20th anniversary, and their twin boys turn six this year. Jim practices geriatric and adult medicine at St. Agnes Hospital.

1981: Michael Blanchard
and wife Anneliese live in Northern California with Amanda, age 14 and David, age 10. He recently completed terms as chief of staff and board member for Fremont-Rideout Health Group. In addition, Dr. Blanchard sits on the board and is a member of the clinical leadership council at Sutter North Medical Group, and is associate medical director for the Marysville Care Center. Karen Kingry of Mt. Airy, Md., is medical director of pediatric services and associate chairperson of pediatrics at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda. Dean L. Mondell has opened a new office in Las Vegas, Nev. He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and has been serving the Las Vegas community since 1992.

1982: Barbara W. Reeve
of Ellsworth, Maine has found happiness in a full-time solo practice in psychiatry with no managed care.

1983: Richard F. Neville Jr.
, of Vienna, Va., is chief of general and vascular surgery at Georgetown University Medical Center. W. Garry Rudolph of Virginia Beach, Va., was promoted to Navy Captain in June 2000. Milton S. Sniadach Jr., of Englewood, Colo., reports that his father died July 19, 2000, on his son’s birthday. In addition to serving as chairman of the department of anesthesia and education director, he is vice chair of the Surgical Services.

1984: Joseph C. Eshelman Jr.,
of Brecksville, Ohio is medical director of the department of occupational medicine at St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland. Phillip L. Pearl married Maria Tontaglia, MD, a pediatrician, on July 8, 2000. They live, along with Melinda (age 13) and Adam (age 11) in Chevy Chase, Md. Paul R. Ringelman of Towson, Md., is chief of the division of plastic surgery at St. Joseph Medical Center.

1985: Wendy Bergman
and husband Moe of Worcester, Mass., announce that Hanna Rachel was born April 18, 2000. She joins Max, age five; and Micah, age two.

1986: Dean S. Tippett
of Baltimore announces the arrival of daughter Carolina in September 1999. She joins Margaret, age three.

1987: Peter W. Cheng
of Ellicott City, Md., passed the internal medicine board re-certification in 2000.

1988: Lisa Amir
has been living in Israel for the past seven years and is assistant director of the pediatric emergency department of Schneider Children’s Hospital. She has four children: Aviva, 13; Meita, nine; and twins Ora and Atara, age four. She invites anyone visiting Israel to contact her. Jason D. Eiband of San Francisco is a delegate for the California Medical Association House of Delegates and the key legislative contact for CAL-ACEP in the state legislature. Kenneth K. Tam of Encino, Calif., announces the birth of Ethan Patrick, his second son, on October 8, 2000.

1989: Susan B. Brinkley
of New Market, Md., is planning to adopt a Ukrainian child by the end of this year! Cheryl D. Burk of Elkridge, Md., married Brian Leonardi at the Aspen Institute on the Wye River in August 2000. She has a private internal medicine practice in Ellicott City. Adam F. Dorin of Potomac, Md., is chief of anesthesiology at Maryland General Hospital and has completed an MBA at Johns Hopkins University. Wife Shirin has a cosmetic, general dentistry and pain management practice in Germantown. Together they have three children—Phillip, Alex and Emily. Bernardo Jose Ordonez of Virginia Beach, Va., announces the birth of twins: Grace Elena and Thaddeus Alexander on August 5, 2000. David A. Stone, wife Janice and daughter Jessica have relocated to Naples, Fla., where Dr. Stone is staff cardiologist with Anchor Health Centers.

1990: Dan Paoli and wife Lynn of Seminole, Fla., announce the birth of son Joseph on September 20, 2000. Magesh Sundaram of Miami was inducted as a fellow of the American College of Surgeons in October 2000.

1992: Robert Hom
enjoys a private practice in Tucson, Ariz. Wife Sarah is a pediatrician and together they have two daughters: Rachel, age three and recent arrival Emily. Joseph Hsu and wife Suzanne announce the arrival of son Jason on January 17, 2000. Ronald T. Rakowski and wife Lisa notify classmates that Meghan Elisabeth was born on November 13, 2000. She joins Nicholas, age four and Christopher, age two. They continue to live in Yorktown, Va., but are currently weighing their options. Lawrence Seiden of Baltimore announces the arrival of son David, his third, on November 24, 2000. He joins Rachael, age seven and Ben, age five. Dr. Seiden is director of the University of Maryland Center for Sleep Disorders. Caroline Sherbourne married Charles Bouch, a Parkland surgery resident in October 1999. Dr. Sherbourne is in a private practice radiology group in Dallas; however they plan to move to Gainesville, Fla., in July for her husband’s vascular surgery fellowship.

1993: Paulette Browne
is a reproductive endocrinologist with Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center in Rockville, Md. Frederick Kotler and wife Julie of Columbia, Md., have three children: Jake, age five; Jordan, age four; and Jamie, age two.

1994: Kourosh Baghelai
of Glen Allen, Va., begins a cardio-thoracic fellowship at Hahnemann-MCP in July. Konni Bringman and husband Neil of Severna Park, Md., announce the birth of Bridget Anna O’Callaghan on January 13. Scott E. LaBorwit and wife Lisa Steinberg LaBorwit, ’98 of Baltimore recently celebrated daughter Gabrielle’s third birthday. Scott is in private practice (ophthalmology) in Cross Keys.

1995: Beth Marie-Arciprete Comeau
of Ellicott City, Md., continues her faculty appointment at the University of Maryland and is part of a new department of pediatrics at North Arundel Hospital. Daughter Alexis is three and Ashley is one. Kelly Haarer of Colesville, Md. is on the staff at George Washington University Medical Center as assistant professor in abdominal imaging.

1996: Rebecca Appleton
and husband Andy opened their office, Carolina Family Medicine and Wellness, located outside of Charlotte, N.C., and recently celebrated the birth of their fifth child. Brickte Lyn DeBass of Arlington, Va., married Dean Richards Moxley on September 3, 2000. Christine Eagleson and husband Thomas of Charlottesville, Va., welcomed daughter Emily Antoinette to their family on September 22, 2000. She joins sister Ashley, age two. Vicki Ellis of Hartsville, S.C., announces the birth of Jackson Daniel on July 9, 2000. Mahrukh Hussain is serving a hematology/oncology fellowship at NIH and lives in Kensington, Md., with her husband. She wishes classmates the very best. Robyn Miller of Atlanta is enjoying a private practice in pediatrics.

1997: Jennifer Beall
of Chicago works in the general medicine clinic at the VA Hospital in Chicago, after traveling and catching up on life for four months following her residency in internal medicine. Alicia Braun plans to join her father’s practice in Washington, D.C., following her dermatology residency in June. Michele Campisi is an emergency physician at Union Hospital in Elkton, Md., after completing residency last June. She lives in Newark, Del. Steven E. Feinleib has joined a private practice in Willoughby, Ohio. He married Rachel Cowan in October 2000, and they live in Shaker Heights. Rachel Kramer is enjoying a fellowship in hematology/oncology and loves living in New York City. Nicholas Meyer is serving a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Louisville after completing a residency in family medicine. Brian Newcomb, wife Celeste and daughter MaryAnn moved to State College, Pa., where he works in the emergency department at Center Community Hospital.

1998: Alpa Dharia
married fellow Baylor resident Gaurav Arora in September 2000 and enjoyed seeing classmates at her wedding. She looks forward to finishing residency in June and doing locum tenens for one year. Elizabeth D. Feldman of Hummelstown, Pa., will begin a three-year surgical oncology fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in July. Stasia S. Reynolds of Baltimore gave birth to twin boys on Halloween 2000: Emmel William and Owen Stott. She plans to complete an internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins/Bayview Med-ical Center and then spend some time at home with her newborns and six year-old son.

1999: Ursina Teitelbaum
is enjoying life as a second year medicine resident at the University of Chicago and is planning to remain there for a two-year geriatrics fellowship. She plans to wed this summer the man who was her first resident. Dr. Teitelbaum looks forward to the class reunion in 2004.


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